For 34 years, Kindermusik has made a real difference in the lives of young children, newborn to 7 years, and their families. I am the proud owner of Kindermusik Cambridge. 

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Everyone deserves to learn in a fun and enriching environment. I am privileged to own Queen Street Music, a staple in the town of Hespeler for 10 years.

[ FUSE ]

I've always enjoyed making art. With lots of experience writing music, I've branched out to explore more art forms and unite creatives. Fuse is sparking an inter-arts revolution in our community powered by volunteers.



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Owner/Operator: Queen Street Music School

Owner/Operator: Kindermusik Cambridge
Executive Director: Fuse

MA, B.Mus, B.Ed (In-Progress)

Community Leader





What I Do


I'm a versatile musician with honours-level university accreditation and experience leading major orchestras.

I've always enjoyed writing a wide variety of music, and am best known for my 11 operas. 

I've been privileged to teach elementary, high school, university, and college students as an occasional teacher, workshop leader, lecturer, and private instructor.

I create art and opportunities for people to explore their own creativity. I also enjoy building video games, artificial intelligence, and automations.

What I'm About

I help people bring their artistic visions to life and create positive opportunities for others to succeed. 

At Fuse, I lead a registered charity of 30 volunteers, supporting inter-arts and artists in our community. With Queen Street Music, I am the proud owner of an inclusive and welcoming music school with 7 teachers and over 100 students.
I've received the Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers and the Bernice Adams Memorial Award for my cultural and artistic contributions to the province and the City of Cambridge.  

Whether you're interested in education, have a question about my organizations, or want help bringing your art to the world, I'd love to hear from you!

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